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Print Posted By Organic Beauty Brands on 10/12/2017 in Mother & Baby

The best Natural skin care for baby

The best Natural skin care for baby

Google "Natural baby skin care reviews" and you will find that these brands get the best reviews. Lovekins has quickly become a top favourite for mother's and baby alike. It's their pure and natural approach to baby care that gets the thumbs up from their customers. What more could you want for your baby other than 100% Natural ingredients, products that are made from healthy ingredients that care for sensitive skin. 

Visit the Nourished Life to shop now and find Australian made brands like Sanctum and Eco Store. Both brands offer safe and healthy products for you and your family. From shampoo to body lotion or shaving products and soaps, you'll find the best products in one convenient online store. 

Mamastylista gives her advice on the top 5 products she recommends. Free from artificial fragrance, sulphates, parabens and petrochemicals, we love that this is Mamastylistas top priority! Choosing products for treating your baby's skin should be made from 100% Natural skin-soothing oils, extracts and vitamins. 

Natasha Uspensky, holistic nutritionist and healthy lifestyle expert recommends Earth Mother Baby Angel as the best Natural baby care products.  "It’s all-natural, mostly organic, ALL of the ingredients are recognizable, it’s great for newborns, kids, and adults, and the original line smells amazing." - Natasha Uspensky.

Amina Kitching, founder of SCA Safe Cosmetics Australia, recommends choosing products that are Certified organic or made safe without toxic chemicals. Brands that choose to leave out common nasty chemicals like parabens and petrochemicals offer purity and peace of mind when it comes to caring for your baby. SCA recommends Cherub Rubs, Lovekins, Natralus, Under Our Sun, The Moms Co., and products by Vatéa that are all Australian Certified Toxic-Free Brands That Care. Visit SCA's website and see the Toxic-Free List for Mother & Baby Care.

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