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Print Posted By Organic Brands Pty Ltd on 06/29/2017 in Skin Care

Women sustainable entrepreneurship: a global approach

Women sustainable entrepreneurship: a global approach

In a questionnaire for "Women sustainable entrepreneurship: a global approach " by Eva Trabaud, I was asked to comment on the global movement towards choosing healthier and more sustainable beauty care products. 

"There is a false sense of belief that all products have been clinically tested prior to sale in Australia. Sadly this is not the case, there is no pre-market law that requires manufacturers to test the chemicals used to make the products or to carry out final tests on the finished product. Only after consumers suffer adverse health issues is the law enforced to prevent further damage to others. This is something that we should all be aware of." - Amina Kitching, Designer & Editor at organicbeautybrands.com

All products should consider your health first, sound simple enough right? Laws should be put in place to protect humans, animals and the environment, pre-market legislation should be put in place otherwise how is our health protected and how is the movement towards a healthier planet going to be realised? 

"Healthier and safer options are available and brands can choose to formulate their products in partnership with industry certifications. There are many certification programs available, it's about choosing the right endorsement to best market your range and connect instantly with your audience. Adopting the "brands that care" approach considers human health first." 

Brands that care, choose to formulate their products in partnership with industry recognised certifying authorities. 

There are so many options available and it is even more important today than ever before that brands adopt a beauty philosophy that is substantiated by credible certification programs. Certifications not only make it easier for buyers to find products that match their beauty routine, but knowing that a product is certified offers consumers peace of mind that the brand they choose actually cares about the products they produce. 

Certified organics have been around for several decades now, but there are now over 30+ globally recognised certifications to choose from and even more product claims in the history of manufacturing! This makes certification even more important in an industry that has over 40,000 chemicals available for use, it is no wonder people find the cosmetics and personal care industry overwhelming. 

Organicbeautybrands.com is here to showcase brands that care, site visitors can search the database selecting from over 80+ options to instantly connect with their unique beauty philosophy.

What is a beauty philosophy? It is the difference between not caring at all about your impact on this earth or caring enough to select products that are driving the movement towards a healthier or more sustainable future. If toxic-free products are your thing then you can search only brands that are certified toxic-free or maybe you prefer fragrance-free, cruelty-free or certified organics? The choice is almost endless! 

See our Advance Search tool to connect with brands now and add them to your list of favourites to refer to. Organicbeautybrands.com is proud to assist the global movement of eco-cosmetics by improving the way health & beauty products are found. We offer the first product comparison site that exclusively promotes only brands that are independently certified. "Given the choice, it is always wiser to choose the product that is certified compared to a product that makes unsubstantiated product claims."

Amina Kitching
Designer & Editorial Director
M: +61-0418-870-869 | T: +612-9999-6548
A: PO Box 606, Church Point Sydney NSW 2105 Australia

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