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Print Posted By Editor at OBB on 08/07/2017 in Bath & Body

Welcome to organicbeautybrands.com

Welcome to organicbeautybrands.com

Welcome to organicbeautybrands.com! OBB is the fastest growing Health & Beauty network, specialising in Certified products and services that have been recommended by leading certification organisations. Why Certified products & services? The global health & beauty industry is constantly under scrutiny, consumers want to know if the products they buy are free from toxic-chemicals, have not been tested on animals, are Certified Organic or use only 100% Natural ingredients, Certified brands work hard to achieve an Eco-conscious. We should all take care to choose brands that have been Certified and meet the highest quality above and beyond scant regulations. 

Certification seals offer consumers peace of mind. Each and every product listed on this site carries a Certification seal that identifies a given product has been independently reviewed and meets the certifiers criteria. There are over 30+ global Certification programs worldwide, each with their own health and beauty philosophy, check out the list here. It's about finding products that are in-line with your preferences and readily identifying products that live up to it's marketing claims. You can learn a lot about a product by simply reading the label, but this is not something that everyone does. OBB encourages you to shop smart, questioning brand marketing is your first line of defense! 

Do you know how to rate a product by scrutinising its marketing claims? Don't worry, you only need to look for Certification seals that you know and trust. Today product labels make all kinds of claims, when a brand lives up to its marketing hype there is only one way to confirm this, look for trusted Certification seals that offer transparency between brands and consumers. In an industry with scant regulations, the use of words such as Natural & Organic, Eco or Cruelty-Free, brands turn to Certification providers to back up their product claims. Organicbeautybrands.com is taking this one step further! We only promote brands that carry recognised Certification seals. When a brand submits it's products for Certification you know that they have met the highest standard.

Join Now it's free to create your membership and start saving products and brands to your list of favourites. have a question or would like to know more? See the footer links below for FAQ's or contact us now.

Copyright - Unless otherwise stated, all contents of this website are © copyright protected 2017 - Organic Brands Pty Ltd - All Rights Reserved. See Terms & Conditions for use of materials on this site and when in doubt, Contact Us to request use of our content

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Welcome to organicbeautybrands.com

Welcome to organicbeautybrands.com! OBB is the fas...

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