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Print Posted By Organic Brands Pty Ltd on 07/19/2017 in Skin Care

The number of complaints against beauty products is on the rise

The number of complaints against beauty products is on the rise

Since 2003 consumers have inquired about where they can find a list of banned and/or restricted chemicals in Australia. Sadly, it is impossible to find one simple list of "banned" chemicals in Australia because the vast majority of chemicals used here have not been tested for health and safety, or prior to being allowed for use in cosmetics and personal care or household products. 

Australia is way behind other countries when it comes to chemicals and their use. For example, Triclosan is banned in the EU yet still permitted for use in Australia. You can find triclosan in baby products here on supermarket shelves, yet it is banned in the EU as a known carcinogen, a cancer causing agent.

Please see our website and view "Key Issues" the chemicals published on this page are excluded and/or restricted for use in products that are certified by Safe Cosmetics Australia. Also see "Regulations" this page has Australian and global links to Government and industry authorities that regulate and/or report on chemical use in Australia.

Safe Cosmetics Australia aims to raise chemical awareness and advocate for a healthier future without toxic chemicals in cosmetics, personal care or household products. To date, Australian chemical assessment focuses on Industrial Chemicals and not chemicals used in the cosmetics and toiletries industry. Our Government has registered some toxic chemicals on their list of priorities, but this is inconclusive to date and remains unresolved.

NICNAS are improving. Compared to 10 years ago, their website now provides fact sheets and topics of interest that address Australian consumers concerns for chemicals in everyday household products. No, the problem has not been resolved and a simple list of banned chemicals is not available, but chemicals are now a hot topic of interest and rightly so. Chemicals are everywhere, they are a part of everyone's daily life. For example, we use chemicals to run our cars and chemicals to grow produce or transport our food from the growers to our supermarket shelves. 

We are all responsible when it comes to making a healthier change. Simply choosing to use only toxic-free products or certified organics, 100% recycled packaging, eco-friendly fabrics and so much more. Ultimately, consumers need to be the change, they need to report adverse reactions to products and raise the alarm when harm is caused. Our regulatory system only reacts once people have suffered. Only after a child has a skin rash from head to toe from a sunscreen product or an adult uses contaminated talc powder for decades resulting in ovarian cancer, only then do the chemicals in products become front page news. 

Toxic chemicals are not the same as toxins, let's make that clear! We all produce toxins within our bodies every day, it is vital to our existence to excrete toxins and our body does a great job in doing this. But, toxic chemicals are completely different, toxic chemicals are any ingredient that has an adverse effect on people, our envrionment, and animals. It is a global issue that we should all be concerned about, an issue that will only be resolved if consumers report products and choose toxic-free products where possible.


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