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Print Posted By Safe Cosmetics Australia on 06/23/2017 in Skin Care

Technology advances in the production of Natural Cosmetics

Technology advances in the production of Natural Cosmetics

The global cosmetics market is faced with the challenge of re-engineering synthetic Cosmetics. This trend towards Natural Cosmetics has sparked a global movement in technology that is used to source "nicer" ingredients than the current synthetic varieties. Synthetic products flood the market with 85% Multi-National brands that are formulated in a concoction of synthetic chemicals. Replacing these so called "unhealthy" ingredients with Naturally sourced varieties that perform equally as well as their synthetic opponents, proves to be difficult and costly. 

Can Natural Cosmetic ingredients replace their synthetic opponents, can this be realised? The cosmetics market is firmly focused on the production of Natural cosmetics, this is a world-wide issue. With the rising number of new natural raw materials entering the market that have "nicer documentation" than their synthetic opponents, the trend towards Natural Cosmetics is now a global reality. It is the idea of Hygate, Scandinavia, to educate and grow the next generation of Cosmetic Chemists with the use of sophisticated technology. In an article by Lucy Whitehouse for Cosmetics-design Europe, they caught up with one of the speakers ahead of a new Open Academy for the industry in Europe.

Jorgen Gae Hyldgaard, Denmark, plans to speak about the search for Natural ingredients using new Solubility Parameter Technology. Striving to find alternatives to synthetic ingredients is a global-wide challenge for chemists. New technology is set to speed up the process of identifying and realising alternative preservatives, emulsifiers and emollients for cosmetic manufacture. Resources, read the full article here > > Cosmetics-design Europe, Can we re-engineer synthetic Cosmetics into Natural versions?

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