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Print Posted By Safe Cosmetics Australia on 06/16/2016 in Makeup

Is your mascara irritating your eyes?

Is your mascara irritating your eyes?

Irritation from harsh synthetic ingredients used in mainstream cosmetics can be the source of discomfort and allergic reactions. Just ask Stephen Mason, Optometrist.

"I see many patients who present with irritated eyes as a consequence of using make-­up applied to lashes and lids. Mascara seems to be the main culprit. The inflammatory response causes damage to the lid margin and extends to the surface of the eye, the cornea. It usually presents as what’s defined as an ‘immediate’ hypersensitivity response meaning that it’s not used for long before causing an allergic reaction." - Stephen Mason, Optometrist.

What sort of reactions should consumers be aware of?

"With inflammation of the lid margin (blepharitis) it can play havoc with the tear film in various ways and despite the eye being watery, the surface becomes dry from poor tear chemistry. In particular, the oily component of the tear film, from the meibomian glands on the edge of the lid, is reduced from the inflammatory reaction of the lid margin and the tears no longer cling well to the surface of the eye (called ‘evaporative dry eye’. I see the epidermis of the lid damaged from the various compounds ladies commonly apply. This is called blepharitis (also caused by mascara) and gives the lids that typically dry, red/ ‘crêpey’ appearance -­‐ not a good look!"  - Stephen Mason, Optometrist.

Natural mascara’s are available, do you think that this is a healthier option than the synthetic variety?

"I am pleased you are an evangelist for better eye hygiene and safer products. Your commitment is to be admired that you have developed safer eye make‐up, I see the damaging effects frequently and know how hard it is to convince women to stop using mascara etc. If they can use a safe alternative such as your (mineral) cosmetics I see that as a great step forward."  - Stephen Mason, Optometrist.

Should women stop using mascara when their eye's are dry,  irritated or red?

"An eye with 'lid induced keratitis’ or “dry eye” from blepharitis, is an eye with damaged cells on the corneal surface (all the green spots on the surface of the eye are damaged cells) and it is exacerbated by the mascara you can see on the lashes. This is typical of the eyes I see with corneal damage from wearing the wrong mascara. It will heal, but getting ladies to stop the mascara for a while meets resistance." - Stephen Mason, Optometrist.

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